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Jim Preston and Raymond Tedeschi Retire

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We are proud to announce that after a combined 25 years of service Jim Preston Group MD and Raymond Tedeschi Group Operations Director both retired at our AGM held on 28th April 2023.

Jim and Raymond’s retirement had been planned for sometime with John Brown taking over as Managing Director and Colin Kennedy joining the Holding board in a supporting role.

Raymond joined the Group in 2009 to start Veitchi Homes in the North East. He built up the business from scratch and went on to join the Holding board adding significant value from his previous employments in Wimpey and CALA Homes. Our housebuilding brand was all about a quality product and service and epitomised Veitchi value. We will miss his inclusive style, humour and sage advice.

Jim joined in 2012 as Group MD also from the housebuilding profession after spells with CALA, Persimmon and laterally Carronvale Homes. Jim brought calmness to the Group with his careful approach, minimising risk and looking after the people.

Raymond is retiring to a life of fishing, travelling in his camper van and will no doubt be looking for a project or two to keep him occupied.

Jim will continue where he left off travelling the world and is also looking to get his golf handicap reduced after many years of underachievement on the course!

Both are pictured with the head office team and at their retirement lunch with the Group management team.

The Group would like to thank them for their many years of contribution to the company and wish them all the very best as they head off into retirement!

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