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Veitchi Value £6000 Give Away

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We are now 4 months into 2022 and gratefully things are easing vis a vis Covid restrictions. This has enabled the Veitchi Value social and charitable committee to get back to work raising money for your nominated charities for 2022. So far we have raised £6000 from events such as Pancake Tuesday, The Easter EGGstravaganza, Give it Up Take it Up (GUTU) challenge, Give as you Earn, Dress down days and Football cards and sweepstakes.

We decided that rather than wait this money would be distributed now with each charity getting an equal share of £500. See the attached logo sheet to see where the money went.

In addition Alzheimers Scotland received £500 from the company on the nomination of Marie Brannan of R&S Glasgow who won the GUTU challenge. £500 will also be donated to the Rutherglen Foodbank, being proceeds of the Cambuslang Way football cards and dress down day collections.

We are of course not stopping there so look out for next newsletter to see what is happening next. Read our current newsletter here.

Veitchi Value Social and Charity Committee

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