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Angy Gallagher Retiral

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The Group are both happy and sad to announce the retirement of Angela (ANGY) Gallagher from her role in Head Office Accounts.

Over her two stints with the group Angy has been with us for we think about 30 years. A remarkable achievement given who she was working with!

Angy recommenced her employment with us in 2001 and soon cemented herself into being our resident expert in Sub-contract accounts, as well as being a jack of all trades within the head office accounts team.

Apparently back then her hair was something to behold with a can of hairspray per day used to get that Sheena Easton look!
She is an invaluable member of the accounts team always acting professionally and respectfully and I know she was very well thought of by our subbies and customers alike and indeed all she dealt with.

Angy also took an active role in our charitable work championing our local foodbank in particular.

With retirement now a reality Angy has clear plans buying a bike and suitcases with her retirement gift from the company. So an active retirement ahead with travel very much on the cards by the looks of it!

Angy departs with our love as a dear colleague and friend and she will be missed greatly.

The company would like to thank her for the fantastic service she has given over many years and we wish her a long and very happy retirement which she so richly deserves.

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