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2019 Veitchi Value Awards

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The essence of Veitchi value is to recognise and applaud the exceptional achievements of our employees. For this reason we instigated an award scheme that both recognises and rewards employees for their exceptional efforts.

The awards are in five categories:

  1. Apprentice of the Year
  2. Young Person, Student or Graduate of the Year
  3. Health & Safety Award
  4. Charity / community engagement champion of the year
  5. Judges special recognition award

The winners in 5 very hard-fought categories were:


Liam Redwood of Aberdeen Flooring

Comments from Liam’s Manager include “Liam’s skills have progressed throughout the year, always has good customer comments, high levels of H&S, great team working, 100% attendance record, happy to help the Veitchi cause whenever it is required.”

Perhaps best quote of all – “a great young lad, one I would be glad to call my own.”

Well done Liam


Cal Graham of Veitchi Interiors

Cal joined us in 2017 through the TIGERS initiative. Recognising a special sort of talent Cal was brought into the office where his training as a QS began. His outgoing personality is ideally suited to a life in construction and we look forward to seeing his career develop with us. Comments from Cal’s colleagues noted his hardworking approach and how he had come on in leaps and bounds over the year. He was also selected to help on the IMS side and his detailed approach to this assisted with the Group having its best audit to date.

Well done Cal.


Martin Barghati of Richardson & Starling

Martin is one of the most colourful characters in the Group and always a delight to talk to. However, he takes his work very seriously and is a fantastic example of what Veitchi value is all about.

This manifested itself in Martin’s approach to Health & Safety and the innovative way he thinks about keeping his workforce safe. This year Martin was instrumental in creating a new process to ensure our Technicians were controlled and measured to ensure they could not be exposed to excessive vibration exposure from power tools which can lead to HAVS – this process was recognised at the recent Property Care Awards with the reduction plan being awarded the 2019 UK Innovation prize.

Well done Martin


Alison Smith of Veitchi Flooring

Alison has amazing energy and drive for any project she takes on. She has been an absolute treasure in the Charity Committee being instrumental in delivering several of the committee’s initiatives such as the Veitchi value fun Day, The Christmas bobble gift initiative, new school uniforms collection and many more.

Well done Alison


Arthur Blower Richardson & Starling Dumfries Branch Manager

Arthur’s dedication and contribution to the Group since he first joined over 30 years ago has been second to none. Arthur has led his team exceptionally well Dumfries branch are the benchmark for good process within Richardson & Starling. Comments about Arthur include:

  • He is a strong practical manager with good commercial awareness and has consistently returned good profit in an area which is notorious for a fluctuating market
  • And finally, my favourite to sum him up – as someone once said to me – “if we could clone Arthur, we’d be laughing”

Arthur has intimated his possible retirement from the business in 2021 and will leave a big hole to fill.

Well done Arthur

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