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Veitchi Group Centenary Year Charity Fund

The Veitchi Group was incorporated as a limited company on 20th March 1917. The Group has celebrated this with a year of charitable activity involving all of our staff partners and many other associates.

We have 25+ fundraising activities scheduled through the year and 17 supported charities that were suggested by our employees. We have been gathering funds through out the year and will complete the campaign on the 21st of December, during the Veitchi Group Centenary Auction.
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Supported Charities

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GAYE Scheme

Give As You Earn scheme or GAYE is a tax-effective way to get money to charity. The Veitchi group have operated the GAYE fund since 2001. Employees contribute monthly from their salary and the company matches those contributions. Since 2001, the company has donated over £185 000 to various charity organizations.

 If you have any questions regarding the campaign you can contact us 

on or via phone 0141 647 0661

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